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My Blue Weim, Ellie.

What Happened

A few things happened around a year and a half ago that disrupted this site.

First, it got hacked. Twice. I lost a lot of articles and photographs. When I changed my WordPress framework, the site posts no longer worked correctly. I did try to fix the site at one time, but the theme I chose ended up being too complicated and I didn’t have time to deal with it. So, basically this site has been in tatters.

Second, at the same time I was starting a new business that has required every my commitment of every waking hour to get going.

What It Used To Be

When I started this site, I was in a point in my life where I had spent around 6 years heavily integrated into the Blue Weimaraner effort. I had big plans for the site to be an international hub for the Blue Weimaraner recognition (or new breed) and appreciation. I spent a lot of time hunting down articles, writing, days spent doing newsletters and desktop pictures. It was a very time-consuming effort.

Blue Weimaraner TODAY

My passion and commitment to Blue Weimaraners will never die, however, I’ve realized that at this point in my life, I need to take a rational approach to what I can do and what I can offer. I’m not breeding Weims—haven’t for 6 years—and probably won’t breed again for a good 4 years. Here in France, where the Weimaraner Club evoked it’s acceptance—That’s a future story!—I’m a bit isolated from the Weimaraner world right now, so that’s another reason the site has been on the back burner.

My time in the trenches at the front line has taught me a few things. The most important is learning what you can take on and not have it overwhelm your life. I’ve also evaluated my strengths and what I can best do for Blue Weimaraners. I’m a photographer and I have personal experience with breeding, showing, field, agility and I have the privilege of knowing some pretty awesome people in the Weim world. I’ve had long talks with people who were around when Blue Weimaraners were accepted and who fought the first round of fights back when they were disqualified. I’ve also participated in most of the major rants on Weim forums about Blue Weimaraners. I’ve grown to understand the issues pretty well.

This site is going to be more of a personal letter to the world about Blue Weimaraners. A journal. A gallery. A love letter. A rant.

I’ll still feature other Blue Weimaraners, news and activities, but I’m not going to be heavily organized about it. If I run across something interesting or if you send me a great article, story, brag or photo, I’ll publish it. It’s a work in progress. Please let me know along the way what you think.



  1. Totally understandable Leslie! Glad to have you back in the blue world in whateve capacity you can afford. We’ve missed you!

  2. I enjoy hunting with Renee and Roxie. Roxie letisns very well and finds those hard to find birds! Plus when she brings them back the feeling is so neat! Hope to hunt again soon with you two!

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