Blue Weimaraner

The Blue Weimaraner site. An essential site with in-depth articles about the history, genetics, etc. about the Blue Weimaraner.

Blue Weimaraner Club of America. Another essential site for learning about the Blue Weimaraner. Has a forum as well.

Flickr Groups for Blue Weimaraners: Blue Weimaraner Today and the Blue Weimaraner Club of America.


Just Weimaraners: A blog, resource and community Just for Weimaraners. Collection of articles and email groups.

Holistic Weimaraner: Great e-mail group of people sharing health information about Weimaraners. Part of

Weim List Barf. Group for discussing alternative diets for your Weim. Part of

The Versatile Weimaraner Forum Forum for serious Weim conversation. Approval required.

European Weimaraner Forum Chat with Weim lovers around the globe.

more to come…


Dog Blogs

Halle Balle Dog : Dog Training, Nutrition & Care Blog

Field and Hunting Resources

Steady with Style a blog for a gentler, kinder way of field training using the West / Gibbons method.

NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc)

AKC Pointing Breed Hunt Test Rules

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

Pheasants Forever

Ducks Unlimited

Quail Unlimited

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