Blue and gray weimaraner pups.

Blue and Gray Litter mates.

Why can’t we just all get along like these two litter-mates sleeping in loving harmony? Take away the ridiculous politics and you have two gorgeous colors that complement each other. A slate gray and a light beige “gray”, each with silvery highlights.

I do understand that each dog breed has the right to decide what they accept in their standard, but it’s unfortunate to have such blinders on regarding Blue Weimaraners. They are a considerable portion of the Weimaraner population that has been around for nearly 70 years. It’s clear that Blue Weimaraners will never “just go away”. Why not embrace this color as the gift that it is? Some in the Weimaraner community react to Blue Weimaraners as if they are evil incarnate – Saten’s spawn. When you look at these two puppies together, you see the simple truth. They are both beautiful varieties of a Weimaraner. Yeah, I know it’s not that simple—and yet it is.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Here Here! I could not agree more! Most “normal” Weim breeders consider the blue to be the devil incarnate because of the recessive gene properties. Well, pardon me, but you are never going to stop having blues so why not just embrace them for who they are……WEIMARANERS!!! I have had two so far, one as a puppy who just died at the age of 14, and a current two year old who we rescued a year ago. I also have a grey female. I love having one of each color. They are definitely good for some delightful conversation and education for a prospective Weim owner.

  2. animals are said to be color blind–sometimes it would be an advantage if humans were.
    Love our blue and have seen beautiful pewters. Happy with whatever God gives us to take in next time. They are all great and so is my beagle.

  3. Leyna Shaffer says:

    I recently lost our beloved weimaraner Haley to lymphoma at the young age of 5. She was truly a pure, beautiful soul that touched our lives in countless ways. She was our 3rd child. We have a 5 and 4 year old who were undoubtably her best friends. She followed them everywhere. She went everywhere with us. She is GREATLY missed. I am very proud of my 2 boys – they helped care for her every step of the way. Now my question is…..Is it okay to get 2 female litter mates? I have been researching and I have read horror stories and success stories. I am a stay at home mom so I do have much time to devote to the pups. We have over 5 acres of ground for them to run. Spending the time to train them properly isn’t the issue for me it’s the dominance issue between 2 littermates that concerns me. I also have fear that they will bond to each other more than us. I will be home with them 90% of the time and will spend individual time with each along with together time – if I do this will it lower the chances of having a dominance issue?? I know of a few people who have gotten litter mates over the years and they have had no problems other than DOUBLE (TRIPLE) the work of one pup. My main concern is for the dogs….I want them to live happy lives with us. How can I tell if they will have dominance issues with one another? If you can please use my email to offer some advice, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    Leyna Shaffer

    • Hello Leyna,

      Thank you for sharing your story and I highly sympathize with your loss of Haley. My Bella will be 5 this year and if I lost her, I would be distraught. You are right to question keeping 2 litter mates. I have never had two puppies at the same time for long, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but from what I’ve read, it’s really hard to have two puppies because they tend to bond together rather than with you. I’ve heard it is possible, but what you have to take into consideration is that it won’t be as if you have two dogs that you do the same things with at the same time. You will need to spend individual time with them to train them and get them to bond with YOU. You’ll also find that two dogs will have very different personalities and may need different kinds of training. You are already thinking of all of those issues, so I’ll just confirm some of your thoughts.

      Actually, I don’t have litter mate puppies, but I have had 2 – 3 Weimaraners for the past 9 years and their ages have been different so often needed different kinds of attention. Also, I do have a problem with Ellie and her daughter Bella tending towards aggression towards other dogs because they’ve bonded so much together. It’s been a struggle for me. Even when you work at home (I do as well) finding the time to give two WEIMARANERS individual attention is not easy! I could easily spend 4 hours a day if I did all they actually could benefit from! I think it’s nice to have two dogs, but I don’t think it’s necessary for their happiness. My first Weim, Bran was perfectly happy being the center of our universe for 10 years and wasn’t too keen having a new puppy in the house! I think now I try to get a new puppy whenever the oldest is starting to get on in years so that the younger will have a companion when the older one passes. Plus, the younger will have time to grow and learn obedience and help train the new kid on the block when you get a new puppy. As far as dominance, there will always be one dog that is dominant. It can actually be more difficult to have two females than a male and a female. Of course that also depends on if you are going to spay them. Spaying will take care of a lot of the dominance issues between them and if you aren’t looking to becoming a responsible breeder, it’s best to spay or neuter. I have two intact females and it hasn’t always been easy. They went through a challenging phase although they worked it out pretty quickly. The daughter is definitely the alpha.

      I don’t know that I’ve added anything to what you are already thinking, but I know it helps just to talk things out.

  4. Leyna Shaffer says:

    Sorry, the way I found this page was by googling litter mates and that pic popped up! The litter mates I have a deposit on are both female – one blue and one grey! They look just like the pic.


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